So… many… video games…

So I finished the Last of Us DLC. Needless to say I was not disappointed, and I am so thankful that Naughty Dog is a studio that has their priorities (quality vs rushing out a product) straight. However, despite this respite, I still have the following games that need to be played:

Bravely Default
Xenoblade (not very far in)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate to Infinity
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
New Super Mario Brothers 2
The Last Story
Ni No Kuni (not very far in XD) and
Kid Icarus (I sucked the first time I tried to play it)

Fortunately, I’m almost done with Pokemon X (while the rest of the internet plays it on Twitch) and about to start Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. X/X2 Special Edition comes in next month too. I was hoping I could do my project with reviews here weekly but it looks like it’ll be more realistic to do it as a bi-weekly thing. Next thing coming is an anime, so we’ll see. I’m trying to rotate media to keep it better, and also getting a ton of literature from the library to help me put/keep the writing in the context of the media. Yay interlibrary loans!


2 thoughts on “So… many… video games…

    • The problem is that there aren’t many video games that aren’t RPGs that I have a huge interest in, outside of things like Mario Bros. XD And the shooters I like tend to be RPG-ish (Bioshock, Fallout). Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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