Updates! (of moderate importance!)

Sorry I haven’t posted any reviews lately.

I’ve actually been tackling two pretty heavy stories – Fate/Zero (both the light novels and anime) and Blood+ (another anime). Blood+ is at least 50 episodes, so it’s been taking a while longer than I envisioned originally. Manga coming up are Romeo x Juliet and Genshiken. I’ve wanted to read and review 2 other series I own – Ooku and A Bride’s Story, but they’re not completed yet. I’m interested to see if anyone who reads this believes I should only review completed series/works, or if WIP are game. If WIP is okay, my analyzing could be revisited at a later date. If not, I feel like it’d be more complete that way. any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

*cue tumbleweed*

Second order of business: I’d like to put out an open call for someone who’d be willing to do some podcasting with me. This person should have somewhat of a background/knowledge of gender studies – bonus points if you’re into fantasy/sf/anime. This will be the secondary part of my NSU contribution that I want to get off the ground. Interested parties should email me at shutupsaber@gmail.com. I would be doing most of the legwork/research, unless you’d be willing to.

Look forward to some heavy reviews coming soon! 🙂