Review: Fate/Zero (Masters & Servants, Part 3)

Light Novels: Gen Urobuchi with illustrations by Takashi Takeuchi, 2006-2007. Translations written by Baka-Tsuki
Anime. Aniplex, 2013.

I’ve withheld myself from reviewing some of the Master/Servant partnerships until now for the very simple reason of them being fairly uninteresting (my opinion, not others) or not really relevant in my conversation/analysis of gender. However, the Masters and Servant I’ve chosen to analyze today are probably a great deal of the crux of any analysis of the series, not just because of their roles in the series (and beyond) but because of their interesting personalities and traits.


Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, Sola-Ui Nuaba-Re Sophia-Ri and Lancer (Diarmuid of the love spot)

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